"Where Reality is Respect,
Appreciation, and Fulfillment !!"
The Story Of RRAF..
Our History
Established in 1981, RRAF provides day services and in-home support services to adults with intellectual
disabilities who reside with their families throughout DuPage and Western Cook counties.   

RRAF is a unique agency in that it provides services without the use of any behavior management
techniques.  For many families, it is vital that their loved one is respected and understood – that behaviors
are viewed as communication, not as “acting out”.  This philosophy, coupled with RRAF’s individualized
approach to services, allows the flexibility to support individuals with autism and other communication

RRAF is, in large measure, the creation of Sam and Rosemary Lapertosa.  Their dream was to create a
program that their own son with autism, Sam, Jr., could attend once he had completed high school.  The
Lapertosa's lobbied tirelessly for the funds necessary to begin providing day services, and these services
began in the fall of 1987.

However, just as RRAF began to hit its stride, Sam and Rosemary passed away within one year of each
other. But thanks to the solid foundation laid by the Lapertosas and everyone else associated with RRAF,
we were able to continue the journey they had begun.

Another dream was realized in early 2001 when RRAF purchased and moved to a vastly improved site in
the Village of Lombard.  This fulfilled our goal of providing expanded services to those currently in our
care by being able to provide a kitchen area, a laundry room, and outdoor space.  It also enabled a larger

In early 2005 we took possession of the building at 619 South Main Street.  Needed remodeling was
undertaken during 2005 and early 2006 and the building is now an annex site for additional day service
space, as needed.

We have room to grow and it's time to begin planning for what's next!
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