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Community Day Services are available to individuals with intellectual disabilities who are at least 18 years
of age.  Training is provided in such areas as motor development, dressing, grooming, toileting, eating,
language, reading, writing, productive vocational activities and the reduction of maladaptive behavior.  
Community integration activities are a focus.

Program hours are from 9:30am to 2:30pm Monday through Friday, with the exception of holidays and
in-service days.  We accept both private pay and Medicaid Waiver funded individuals.  Part-time attendance
is accepted on a case by case basis.  All transportation and programming services are provided by RRAF
employed staff.
Self-Directed Services are available to those with Home Based Support (HBS) funding, who also attend
our Community Day Services program.  By providing self-directed services, RRAF can assist individuals
and their families in arranging the services they need, and managing their budget to assure those needs
are met.  Family chosen Personal Support Workers provide the needed in-home services.

Note:  Due to the unique needs of each individual within the HBS program, there are no standard hours,
days, or frequency of services.  These will be determined based on the specific needs identified within the
Personal Plan and Implementation Strategy documents.  HBS is a Medicaid Waiver funded program.  
For information regarding obtaining Medicaid Waiver funding, please contact the local
Independent Service Coordination agency in your county of residence.  Private pay Community
Day Service rates are comparable to the corresponding Medicaid Waiver rate.
Please call for more information related to private pay accomodations.

Below are the
Independent Service
Coordination agencies
RRAF works with. Just
click on the links to
visit their websites.

DuPage County:

Service, Inc.
1919 S. Highland Ave.
Bldg. A, Suite 230
ombard, IL  60148

Cook County:

Suburban Access
4415 Harrison St., Suite 201
Hillside, IL  60162
(708) 449-7257
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