"Where Reality is Respect,
Appreciation, and Fulfillment"
Our Philosophy..

"It is hard to describe just
how important RRAF is to
my daughter and our
family.  The RRAF van is a
magic carpet that takes her
to a land where she has
friends, where she can
learn with her peers, and
where she can test her
wings without the constant
pressure of having an
anxious mom or dad there."

Roger Davis, Parent
We Believe....

We believe that all individuals must be allowed to make choices in their daily routine
and that outcomes and strategies developed for them must include this option.

We believe that all individuals should be given a communication system that includes
the ability to say "I'm mad at you" and "Leave me alone" along with other emotion

We believe that it is OK for individuals served to be mad at/frustrated with/dissapointed
in staff members and that respecting these emotions strengthens these relationships
and encourages social growth.

We believe that functional training means using real money, at real stores, for actual
purposes, etc.

We believe that the role of staff members is to support an individual to do things for
themselves and not to do things for them.

We believe that behavior is communication and that the communicative intent behind
behaviors should be interpreted and addressed.

We believe that individuals must, at all times, be treated their 'chronological" and not
their ' functional' age and that this means we must 'respect our elders' even as we
serve them.
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