BELOW ....
    RRAF has established Codes of Ethics to guide the actions of staff, board members, and the individuals served and their

    It is the goal of RRAF to provide an example for other human service, non-profit agencies, by establishing a high standard of
    performance, professionalism, and ethical conduct.  RRAF intends to create an environment that fosters ethical conduct, where
    no employee will ever feel the need to compromise personal integrity to help achieve the mission of the agency.

    Each new staff and board member will be required to review and sign the pertinent code, indicating acceptance of it.  Any staff
    member who violates one of the agency’s Codes of Ethics may face corrective action.  Board action may be taken with any
    board member who violates the Code of Ethics.

    By signing RRAF’s Code of Ethics, I, as a board member, employee, volunteer, or consultant of RRAF, affirm that all principles,
    therein, will be upheld to the fullest.

Standard of Conduct - Individuals Receiving Services:
1.        Individuals receiving services must always be treated with the highest degree of respect and dignity,regardless of disability
or other potential deficit areas.
2.        Individuals receiving services give up no legal rights when they join RRAF.  Hence, an individual’s legal rights must be
respected at all times.
3.        Services must center on individualized needs, preferences, and desired outcomes and individuals must be given
continuous opportunities for input into their service planning process. Services needed and desired will be laid out in a Service
Plan, clearly detailing each individual’s goals, their methodologies, any risk factors staff need to be aware of, and other general
4.        Services will be offered in a dignified, age appropriate, and enhancing way at all times.  Each individual will be seen as
unique with varied interests and aptitudes, and individuals will not be grouped together on the basis of label, functioning level, or
convenience of support.
5.        All individuals served by RRAF will be treated equally, being given not only genuine interest by all members of their support
team, but also whatever techniques, implementation strategies, or choic eoptions they need in order to ensure their best interests
are taken into account, enabling them to help themselves as able.
6.        Natural settings and situations will be stressed, minimizing artificiality or restrictiveness
Standard of Conduct - Staff:
1.        I will strive to speak to everyone in a friendly, positive, mature, and courteous way.  I will support a quiet, calm environment
with soft, slow talking, and the minimum amount of talking or interaction possible in order to accommodate those with sensory
needs.  I will work with all individuals as instructed and equally regardless of the level of disability.
2.        I will support a work atmosphere that is open, non-secretive, and transparent in all respects possible, while being mindful
of the need for confidentiality.
3.        I will support the decisions of management.  I may state my position, but ultimately staff member must follow management’
s final decision.
4.        I will be loyal to the agency.  I will refrain from doing anything that might bring discredit to the agency by violating DHS
standards, by breeching peer confidentiality, or by personal behavior which violates law.
5.        I will carefully consider the public perception of my personal and professional actions, and the effect my actions could have
on RRAF’s reputation in my community and elsewhere.
6.        I will not engage in any sexually related behavior with an individual served by RRAF with or without
consent, but will maintain a professional approach, utilizing the least amount of physical touch needed at any point in time.  
Sexually related behavior will include such behaviors as sexual jokes; sexual remarks; sexual kidding or teasing; sexual
innuendo; pressure for dates of sexual favors;
inappropriate physical touching, kissing, or grabbing; rape; threats or physical harm; and sexual assault.
7.        I will make reasonable efforts to communicate to families/representatives information which should be revealed in the
interest of the individual receiving services.
8.        I will endeavor to understand the community cultures, religions, and diverse home environments of those we serve.  I
understand that my personal views regarding such issues are my own and will not be imposed on or shared with individuals
served by RRAF.  I must support each individual within their own life experience.
9.        I will distinguish between personal views and the views of RRAF.
10.      I will keep in confidence information acquired about my co-workers in the course of employment, unless disclosure serves
professional purposes or is required by law.
11.      I will abide by the Illinois State Confidentiality Act and any regulations thereunder.  I understand that all information
regarding services to individuals is protected under the law.  I will take special precautions to safeguard individual confidentiality.  I
will store confidential information and materials in authorized and locked storage facilities and allow access to them only per
agency policy.  I will ensure the safety of all computer files by adhering to password and directory protections and by not opening
files for those not authorized to see or use them. I will release information only with the proper authorizations. I will abide by RRAF
procedures regarding document destruction.
12.     I will not discuss information regarding an individual served by RRAF unless that discussion is within the context of the
Service Plan, and both I and the other party are a part of the individual’s team.
13.     Upon termination or resignation I will maintain individual, family, representative, co-worker, and organization confidentiality of
any information I obtained while employed by RRAF.
14.      I understand that any time spent with an RRAF individual outside of work time, whether paid or voluntary,
must have written approval, in advance, by RRAF’s administration.  I also understand that there must be a clear, distinct
separation between my role as an employee of RRAF and that of any role I have outside of RRAF.  
15.     I will accurately represent my education, training, experience, and competencies as they relate to my profession.  I will help
keep my personnel file current by timely submission of updated records, such as driver’s licenses, continuing education, etc., as
applicable to my job description.  I recognize that these items are required and that lack of needed documentation could put my
continued employment at risk.
16.      If assigned driving responsibilities, I will treat all RRAF vehicles as my own, observing all proper maintenance schedules,
maintaining safe driving practices at all times, and avoiding improper, personal, or unassigned us of vehicles.  I will follow all
RRAF procedures, including those regarding gas levels, routes taken, seating assignments, and individual needs.  I will also
inform RRAF management of any traffic tickets I receive, any lapse in my current driver’s license and/or any lapse in my personal
auto insurance.
17.     I will follow all RRAF and applicable regulator procedures as necessary to ensure the health, safety, and emotional well-
being of those served.  As part of this effort, I will protect and treat all RRAF and peer property with the respect it needs.
18.     I will act in accordance with the integrity of RRAF’s mission, philosophy, and values at all times.
19.     I understand and agree that my entire focus during the day needs to be on my job responsibilities and I will leave my
personal life, cell phone, etc. at the door so that my attention and dedication is always focused on safe driving, full peer
participation and a full 100% commitment to providing quality services without being distracted by any external influences.   If there
are personal circumstances that require use of my cell phone I will discuss this with RRAF’s Executive Director prior to use.
20.      I understand that RRAF places its utmost focus on its service delivery component and that I must keep this always in the
forefront of my actions.  For example, I will disclose any perceived conflict of interest with a peer family, other employee, etc.  I also
will not accept any gift or other valued item from a family in excess of $100 without full disclosure.  I understand that RRAF
supports employees who support other non-profit and charitable causes and that these efforts are approved as long as they do
not conflict or infringe upon my day to day responsibilities.
21.      I understand that any contact or agreement that requires second party approval must be witnessed by the Secretary or
Assistant Secretary of RRAF.   
Standard of Conduct – Board of Directors and Officers (as appropriate):

1.       I will carefully consider the public perception of my personal and professional actions, and the effect my actions could have,
positively or negatively, on RRAF’s reputation in my community and elsewhere.
2.       I will strive for personal and professional growth to improve my effectiveness as an RRAF Board member.
3.       I will refrain from unwarranted intrusion into the responsibilities of RRAF’s operational management.
4.       I will conduct myself in an ethical manner by consistently following the precepts of RRAF’s bylaws, and following RRAF
policies addressing conflicts of interest.
5.       I understand that as a member of the Board of Directors or an officer of RRAF that the board must annually approve the
budget, review the accessibility plan, review the Successor Plan manual, review the organization’s outcome measurement report,
review the independent financial report, review the organization’s insurance coverage and risk management plan, and will help
assure that the organization is utilizing current technology in order to maintain competitiveness and to ensure efficiency.
6.       I understand that as a member of the Board of Directors or an officer of RRAF that the board needs to review the mission of
RRAF continually and that I should suggest modifications as appropriate in order to develop strategic planning efforts to ensure
that RRAF receives appropriate leadership.
7.       I will make myself available as requested by staff members, individuals, their families and representatives, and other
stakeholders to ensure that RRAF has a true “open door” policy.
Standard of Conduct - General Business Practices:
1.      I recognize that RRAF is accountable to our business customers, state and local funders, and to all our donors. If it is in my
job responsibility I will ensure that the best accounting practices and highest ethical standards possible are maintained.  I also
understand  that RRAF will:
•        Make full and fair disclosures of all relevant information to donors and funders who have a right to know how their dollars are
•        Spend donations wisely, efficiently, and objectively,
•        Respect the conditions of any contract entered into,
•        Strive to maintain a balanced budget and live within our means,
•        Account for our financial status in ongoing reports to interested stakeholders.
•        Maintain internal fiscal controls that keep us honest.
2.      If I have the responsibility for employing and evaluating staff performance, I will do so in a responsible, fair, considerate, and
equitable manner.
3.      I recognize that all employees want and deserve a workplace where they feel respected, satisfied, and appreciated.  I
understand that RRAF will not tolerate harassment or discrimination of any kind and especially involving race, color, religion,
gender, age, national origin, disability, and veteran or marital status in our workplace environment.
4.      I will act in accordance with and will abide by the RRAF Personnel Policies and Procedures.
5.      I understand that as an agency, RRAF is committed to honesty, just management, and fairness for our employees, providing
a safe and health environment, opportunity for career growth, and respecting the dignity due everyone.
6.      I will ensure honesty, fairness, responsible stewardship, and ethical behavior in all business, financial, marketing, and
service practices that I am a part of.
7.      I will ensure that any business practice that I am a part of is conducted in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations
and I understand that compliance with the law does not comprise our entire ethical responsibility.  Rather, it is a minimum,
absolutely essential condition for performance of our duties.
8.      I will strive to maintain a good rapport with all stakeholders and cooperating agencies in the community.
9.      I will encourage interested individuals and groups to visit and tour the facility to acquaint themselves with the services RRAF
10.    I will honestly represent RRAF in any advertising, agency or program brochure, press release, or other publicity that I am a
part of.  I will not exaggerate or embellish the facts for the purpose of getting publicity or donations.
Standard of Conduct - Corporate Responsibility and Ethical Business Practices:
1.      The Board of Directors, officers, and staff members of RRAF are dedicated to the highest ethical standards in conducting the
business activities of RRAF.  The requirements of the Conflict-of-Interest statement reflected within RRAF's by-laws and Employee
Handbook shall be followed at all times.
2.      Periodic training of Board members, officers, and staff members shall be given regarding conflict-of-interest issues and
overall ethical corporate "best practices".
3.      Allegations of violations of the RRAF Conflict-of-Interest policy, allegations of fraud, waste, and abuse, violations of the ethical
codes, and any other allegation of wrongdoing by any Board member, officer, or staff member, may be reported to the Executive
Director/President or any Board member.  Upon receipt the full Board and the General Counsel must be notified within three (3)
business days.  The Board and the General Counsel shall investigate any such allegations and prepare a report of findings within
thirty (30) days of receipt.  Under no circumstances shall a person filing any such report, whatever the ultimate findings, be subject
to any form of reprisal as the result of having made the report.